Tpd Claim Stories

Dudley had been a hard worker all his life until an unexpected stroke occurred and his whole world changed. Dizzy and losing his balance, Dudley was unable to continue working. Left with few options and facing financial hardship, Dudley took the steps to make a TPD insurance claim through his superannuation. Unfortunately, what should have been a straightforward process with the insurer became a series of tactics to deny Dudley’s claim.

National Practice Leader for Superannuation and Disability Claims Melissa O’Neill took on Dudley’s claim, advocating for him with the insurance company. Melissa has a strong understanding of the challenges her clients can be faced with when dealing with insurers. With this in mind, Melissa is passionate about keeping the process as stress-free as possible for clients, whilst fighting for their rightful entitlements. Learn how the team at Shine Lawyers helped Dudley to secure his future through a successful TPD claim. You can read Dudley’s full story here: